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Summary: You know that dangerously crazy yet charming jerk your cat is?? Well this is him.. as a person.

Narubono (Naru) Kala (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 88

Group: Students


Comes form a parallel universe similar to Alice in wonderland.

If that is the story.. He is basically the cat.


Aplha-Hume (elongated life span that of human)

Rank/Title(if any)

Nothing I'd say.. Besides a stray.

Physical Appearance

Rather thin and lean
Pale skin
Pink eyes (cat like)
Seafoam scene hair.
Black nails
Long canine teeth.
Huge smile (can be easily creepy

Personality and interests

Loves to be lazy. Loves to eat
Tea is lifestyle.
Meditation, yoga.
Hippie stuff.
Stones. Gems. Shiny things. Losing his mind from time to time he finds it.


Narubono was a stray his whole life. Making it easy to cut ties. He got a floating letter in his tree home one day in the wood. Inviting him to school.

Normally he'd toss it away but he found that the school being in another world made things worth getting out of bed for.

Favourite Sayings

Well well..

I'm over it..

How exciting!!

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Dissapear (1 min)

Puppet magic (3 mins) dependant of the will of the subject, Naru can range from a strong willed person to being slowed or immobilized. While the weak willed are manipulated easy down to being able to control a subject choice of words and movements. It varies widely (:

Mod notes...

would be nice if you explain puppet magic a little.

Great character

((Okay!! Np ))

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Image of Narubono (Naru) Kala (NPC)
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