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Summary: Arcane smith

Amelia (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 110

Group: Students


Borderlands of the feyweird



Rank/Title(if any)

Arcane smith

Physical Appearance

Tall and regal with ginger hair. She looks and feels like a middle aged human, minus the ears.

Personality and interests

Cares about the creation of her clockwork constructs. Many times she has spent days or months working on a single creation.


Helped out with the family business as a smith until her magics were discovered, afterwards spent many years training under some of the best enchanters the elves had living among them before deciding to attend the school to expand her abilities under the tutelage of the great wizard Merlin.

Favourite Sayings

And.... Hello my creation.

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Can access any magic but first has to bind it's power to an item. once bound to an item the magic can be used by anyone.

Mod notes...

I have put limits on what the character can do. To start out she needs to take time to create things that she wants to make. Such as, if she wants to create a large construct she has to take weeks to do it. The same thing is true about a complex magic item that might encompass multiple types of magic. Simple effects such as making a thing glow or float in the air can be made in nearly no time. However, lets say I wanted to summon a zombie, It would take at least a day to make an item that would summon one. Along with that time limit there will be a number of times that the item is able to be used.

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Image of Amelia (NPC)
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