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Summary: A fairy wanting to improve her magic

Donella Brucie (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 97

Group: Students


Enchanted Forest Realm



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Physical Appearance

She is a short girl with long black wavy hair and large, brilliant, blue eyes and fair skin. Even though she is old she still appears to be a child. She wears a white dress with a grey bow and has small pointed wings that shimmer a faint blue.

Personality and interests

Donella is very literal and doesn't always understand what people are saying because of this she will get offended by things that weren't meant to be offensive. Even though she tries constantly to suppress her fairy nature so that she doesn't play tricks on people and be mechevious sometimes she just can't help herself and causes problems now and again. Despite her childish appearance she is also quite smart she knows about various plants, history and animals. She sometimes can come off at a glance as serious and quiet but after speaking to her for awhile you can tell on the inside she still is childish. Socially awkward could also be used to describe her even though almost nothing embarrasses her, it is generally others that she makes feel uncomfortable, weather it's getting into peoples business or speaking in an odd manner she usually makes people uneasy.

Is is very interested in magic of course as she longs to develop her powers further but she also has other interests such as plants, animals, clothing, history, stories, collecting things and cooking.


When she was little her and her family all lived with the others, dancing singing and relaxing in the forest, she collected small things she found on the ground and helped animals that she saw were in need. She finally decided that it was time to leave the forest and learn more about other places and her magic, her father supported the idea but her mother and sister did not, after finally convincing them after many years she finally decided to attend even though her mother is not one hundred percent on board.

Favourite Sayings

"Greetings friend"

"Look what I have stumbled upon"

Magic abilities (3 max please)

- she can see auras
- has a small amount of control over plants

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Image of Donella Brucie (NPC)
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