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Summary: The school cook with Dwarven charm.

Brandybungle Gruff

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Gender: Male

Age: 503

Group: Teachers





Rank/Title(if any)

Head chef

Physical Appearance

Stout, 4'9". He has long black hair and a black beard and often wears an apron saying kiss the dwarf.

Personality and interests

He likes order, food, and full bellies. He enjoys cooking strange and exotic foods for the diverse student base at the H.S.M.B. He seeks approval for what he makes and will scold you for not liking his food, but he listens to suggestions and will make things on request. He will defend his kitchen with his life. trouble makers be ware.


He grew up in France son of a famous chef and aspired to be like his father, when his magical talent was discovered he was sent to H.S.M.B. After graduating he stayed on as the assistant cook, and eventually becoming the head cook.

Favourite Sayings

"Good food, Good friends, and full bellies"

"No cutting"

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Teleportation, plant magic, and telekinesis

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Image of Brandybungle Gruff
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