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Summary: strong silent and kind. in that order.

Leonidis Sidnah (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 150

Group: Students





Rank/Title(if any)

last years champion fishing tournament winner

Physical Appearance

shiny blonde
blue kind strong eyes

Personality and interests

Loves to fish and practice solving puzzles. Finds himself never without his favorite green hat. Doesn't like to say much unless he has to. Has a problem with having to help everyone he meets. Friends think it's his hero's complex.

Interested in just school right now. Maybe make a friend. Meet someone strong. Have a rival worth having.


One of your classic small village wood elfish persons, Leonidis spend his first 149 years of life carefree. Then his powers matured and he was able to conjure great and powerful weapons to aide him. This happened to one in every village of his kind. A protector for the people. Since there were many Protectors, those who reach maturity are sent to H.S.M.B. to study and grow their skills.

Favourite Sayings

head nod**


How do I help?

(in that order)

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Depending on the lore of the item, I'd think he'd be able to summon weapons of great history. and magic and mythology have a lot of those. Not all at once of course. well.. for now lolx

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-hope you don't mind the spelling corrections.

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Image of Leonidis Sidnah (NPC)
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