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Summary: Be careful your fears dont leek into your reality.

Asuram (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 350

Group: Teachers


Hails from deep within the Fey world.



Rank/Title(if any)

Master Illusionist

Physical Appearance

Tall and regal with Snow white hair, tends to wear a cloak and keep the hood up.

Personality and interests

Mysterious and to many quite scary as you can never be quite sure if what you are looking at is reality or not.


Has spent many years studying the art and science of illusion and wishes to pass some of his knowledge on to the next generation of illusionists and tricksters.

Favourite Sayings


Magic abilities (3 max please)

Has mastered illusion magic and other powers that can be associated with it.

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Image of Asuram (NPC)
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