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Summary: Conjuration teacher and druid

Sarah Mavrick

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Gender: Female

Age: 1526

Group: Teachers





Rank/Title(if any)

Conjuration teacher

Physical Appearance

5'10" Has smooth skin and looks to be in her 20's She has black hair but it is often hidden by her hood. She always wears enchanted clothing to ease her summoning.

Personality and interests

She enjoys spending time in nature to relax after work. She loves discovering and learning about creatures from various realms and plains of existence so that she can summon them. She has a strong preference for flying animals.


She was born in Ireland to a druid father and learned magic from him. She was intrigued by the creatures around her and learned how to control them to fight for her. She was sent to the H.S.M.B. to study. After her graduation she traveled to many different realms looking for different creatures to learn about. She returned to the school as a teacher shortly after the American revolution.

Favourite Sayings

"Class is outside today."

"Tell me why you summoned that for this situation."

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Conjuration school of magic and some Abjuration specifically focused on banishing summoned creatures.

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Image of Sarah Mavrick
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