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Summary: Friendly librarian and secret teacher of forbidden magics.

Seth Demar

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Gender: Male

Age: 83 living 2401 dead

Group: Spirits





Rank/Title(if any)

Librarian and linguist.

Teaches a class on forgotten magics and magic history.

Physical Appearance

Light blue and see through. He has short hair and has a young appearance.

Personality and interests

He loves reading and has an excellent memory. He refuses to leave the mortal plain until he as learned everything. He enjoys teaching others history and anything the other teachers won't.


He was a Greek scholar and wizard with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He became a ghost trying to grant himself eternal life, but he got it wrong causing him to become a ghost bound to the mortal plain. He lived in the library of Alexandria until it's destruction causing him to seek out a new library. He found the H.S.M.B. library and became a permanent resident. He increased the organization of the library by 10%.

The first teachers and students to descover him tried to get rid of him, but after multiple failed attempts a lost student asked him for directions and seeing that he took them to the right book the school staff decided to hire him on, (Although he gets no pay)

Favourite Sayings

"Please don't walk through me."

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Necromancy and telekinesis

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Image of Seth Demar
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