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Summary: In way over his head as a Discipline Committee of the Freshmen.

Max Kunai

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Students





Rank/Title(if any)

Freshman in School of Abjuration

Physical Appearance

Max is about 5'11"
Has dark brown hair
Dark brown eyes
Light skin
Very muscular build
Dresses nice

Personality and interests

He tends to have a very strong-willed personality and never wants to back down from anything. His personality is only matched by his physical strength, as he extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat which is a result of his older but much shorter (4ft tall) sister (Kit Kat Kunai the current female MMA champion aka "The Little Dragon") practicing on him constantly. While he is unable to use magic like others, much of the school believes his magic skills are far superior to any normal freshman, which makes him very popular.


Max was not originally invited to the school of magic but decided to give it a try when he saw a cute girl getting an invitation. Max was determined to follow her and find a way into the school. Through a series of unfortunate incidents it was discovered by the staff that Max not only had no talent for magic, but he was able to use a rare magic called MO which canceled out other magic much like a Witch Hunter. In order to keep Max close by under supervision he was allowed to be a student under probation and he would have to receive special training in private to help him learn regular magic. Max was all to happy to comply in hopes of meeting the mystery girl again. However seeing how easily Max defeated a school bully he was mistaken for a powerful magic user and has to play along so his secret is not exposed. To keep Max close the Headmaster put him on the disciplinary committee so he could easily be summoned under the guise committee work. While on an errand for the Headmaster in the gardens Max found a cave and heard a voice coming from it and found a mandrake named Lucy that was exposed to a strange magic that allowed it to be talk unlike other mandrakes. After Max freed her she took a shine to him and remained by his side. Lucy is a magical Mandrake that can assume the shape of a Mandrake or a wingless sprite. She can turn invisible and only reveal herself to people she trusts like Max. While invisible to others she can talk to Max via telepathy. Lucy can also see magical auras. Her strength is weak but she can fly and talk to other Mandrakes to help Max gather information and see traps.

Favourite Sayings

It's not good to depend on magic.
Lucy keep an eye out.
Don't mess with my sister.....she's evil.

Magic abilities (3 max please)

MO - A rare power that allows the user to cancel magic. It still requires mana from the user and if over used it can be fatal.

Copy Spell - Can copy any one spell per day and use it only once.

A bag of Mist Tears: A white tear drop when broken provides a Mist Elemental for five minutes. It can be used for menial or combat service to the caster. It is a temporary item and will used up after casting.

Stasis Prison - A spell scroll that would freeze the target in place and prevent them from casting magic. Has only one use.

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Image of Max Kunai
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