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Summary: A proud Abjuration teacher who is protective of his daughter

Richard Page

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Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Teachers





Rank/Title(if any)

Instructor for School of Abjuration and gifted students

Physical Appearance

Max is about 5'11"
Has blonde hair
Blue eyes
Light skin
Very muscular build
Dresses nice

Personality and interests

Richard is a 40-year who is Amy's father and an Instructor in the School of Abjuration. He is also gifted in the School of Conjuration, School of Evocation and the School of Transmutation as well. The students of the school show him a lot of respect, always bowing when he passes by and making sure not to upset him. This is because his magic skills are second only to the Headmaster and thus every student fears him. The only way he was able to keep his job after Max found out about the school was to have Max join the school as a student. He is very protective of his daughter Amy, especially if it involves anything having to do with Max, who is in the same class as her. Richard is also a skilled chess player shown to have beaten the Headmaster on several occasions.


Richard was a gifted and serious student all his life and grew up to be a model teacher. He was handpicked by Merlin to be an instructor due to his keen mind and impressive skill in magic. Richard's hardcore discipline has granted him amazing focus and skills in creative magic. Even though he is a mere human his skill in magic almost rivals Merlin's magic. Richard was one of a handful who came close to beating Merlin in a wizard battle. It was only through experience that Merlin was able to win since Richard was very talented. Merlin personally recruited Richard to help keep the students on the proper track in education and magic. Later on Richard married and had a daughter named Amy whom he is very protective over. His wife died giving birth so it was hard on him. He kept her in all girl schools to avoid her dating but is now having to deal with her curiosity of boys especially Max who is forced to protect and train. Now Richard is stressed out as he has to maintain his duties as an instructor and watch over his daughter at the same time.

Favourite Sayings

Your luck will run out eventually.

Magic abilities (3 max please)

School of Abjuration
School of Conjuration
School of Evocation
School of Transmutation

Mod notes...

As much as raw power is useful in wizardry a VERY keen mind is more useful. this is how I would think Merlin keeps control of his school and some of the world at large. If you could change the characters history to say he has nearly beaten the headmaster on several occasions, that would be more keeping to the lore.

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