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Summary: A Jinn illusionist looking for a positive role to play.

Omar Nassar

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Students




Jinn, Djinn, (Genie)

Rank/Title(if any)


Physical Appearance

Often hovers hiding his legs in a cloud of smoke. He has bluish white skin and will often cast illusions to make himself look normal.

Personality and interests

Loves illusions. Will pretend to grant wishes on request, but it will only be a temporary illusion.


Born of a human and a demon he is trying to find a positive place in the world and a way to use his illusions for good.

Favourite Sayings

"your wish is my command" (snickers)

Magic abilities (3 max please)


Mod notes...

anyone with better understanding of jinn can help me improve this character.

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Image of Omar Nassar
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