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Summary: Good and evil at the same time?

Joan Grace (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Students





Rank/Title(if any)

None yet

Physical Appearance

She is a girl with about average height and fair skin. Her eyes are a bright green and her face is an oval shape, she normally looks pretty gloom having dull coloured flowers in her hair, but that is just her resting face. Joan normally wears dark and elegant clothing as she doesn't really like bright colours.

Personality and interests

Joan is a very neutral person, she is not bad or good, she believes that there is always another side to things and doesn't usually like to state her opinion. Jane is is kind yet cynicle at the same time, which often makes people a little afraid of her because she has such a wierd approach to things. She is constantly thinking over her actions before she says them as she is good at seeing emotions on the faces of others. She is somewhat of a loner as she likes peace and quiet but she will sometimes approach others to talk to them briefly. She believes that things that hurt should be punished but at the same time detests hurting things. She doesn't care about rules or customs, she will break them if she thinks it is unjust.

Jane was interessted in animals ever sense she was little sometimes even refusing to step on small bugs that were crawling on the ground (well tries, sometimes she doesn't see the bug in time). She gravitates more to dark colours than light ones as she claims it irratates her eyes but if this is the true reason she doesn't like bright is unknown. Her odd belief that she hates hurting but those who have done wrong May be punished made her learn to use a strange fighting style that she practices on a regular basis. She also has a liking for trying to figure out how things work, she enjoys looking at mechanics and wondering how to was made and what it does. Joan likes magic, particularly illusion magic, she believes if she can learn enough she may be able to help people.


When she was little she lived with her father in a small house at their farm. She always admired him, he was a very odd fellow, that is where she thinks her weird way of thought came from. When she was young her mother disappeared, it is still unknown to her the cause as her father has not told her yet. Whenever she went to school she was normally left alone by the others and she simply was "different", she didn't care however and was not at all angry or sad about it.

Favourite Sayings

"There is no need to fear me"
"Those who hurt will be hurt, that is how life works"

Magic abilities (3 max please)

-She is average at illusion magic
-She has a little experience with divination

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Image of Joan Grace (NPC)
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