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Summary: An enchanting but creepy guardian of the Lake

Lady of the Lake

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Gender: Female

Age: Ancient

Group: Spirits




Magical Spirit

Rank/Title(if any)

Lady of the Lake
Guardian of Excalibur
Water Gardian

Physical Appearance

She takes on many forms depending on whom she is revealing herself to. Sometimes she is a ghostly beautiful woman in white. Sometimes she is made of water with fish swimming in her like an aquarium and other times she appears as a small ghostly girl in white. Though she is not evil she still gives off a creepy vibe which is why she rarely gets visitors.

Personality and interests

She is very creepy and withdrawn, but very good at listening. Though she is not very talkative she is very understanding and prefers to ponder before answering which makes many people uneasy. She like the tranquility of water and the life that lives in it and has little respect for litterbugs. Unknown to everyone she also has an interest in White Lilies and chocolate coffee beans. Other than Merlin she rarely has visitors on purpose.
When she talks her voice sounds like an echo since your ears and brain hear her within a tenth of a second difference.


The Lady of the Lake is best known for her presentation to King Arthur of his magical sword Excalibur, through the intervention of the King's, Merlin who was constantly worried that his monarch would fall in battle.
Merlin had met the Lady at the Fountain of Barenton (Brittany). The Lady of the Lake was eventually obliged to reclaim her sword when Arthur was fatally wounded at the Battle of Camlann and Excalibur was hurled back to misty waters.
Ancient Origins: Water deities were extremely popular with Celtic Society for they controlled the essential essence of life itself. The spontaneous movement of springs, rivers and lakes clearly showed the supernatural powers of the goddesses who lived within; and offerings at such aquatic features were commonplace, especially of weapons and other valuables. The practice continues today at wishing wells across the country, and the Lady of the Lake is remembered as "Lady Luck"!

Her names clearly reveal this Lady to have been the Celtic Water-Goddess Coventina. This lady was worshiped throughout the Western Roman Empire, in Britain, the Narbonne area of Gaul and North-Western Iberia too. She is most celebrated for her shrine at Brocolitia (Carrawburgh) on Hadrian's Wall. Here a quadrangular temple surrounded a central pool fed by a sacred spring. Coin, jewelry and small bronze figurine offerings have been excavated as well as numerous altars dedicated by the local soldiers.

Since Arthur had past long ago she found she little to do so she wandered the world to find a new purpose for her existence. After finding Merlin once again she was intrigued by his school for magical creatures and decided to watch them from afar in a small lake. Every now and then when the need arises she will guide a few to their proper destiny.

Favourite Sayings

Why have you summoned for me?
I see..................................................
Is that what you truly want?

Magic abilities (3 max please)

School of Abjuration
School of Conjuration
School of Divination
School of Enchantment
School of Evocation - In Water Only
School of Illusion
School of Transmutation

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