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Summary: A were-hyena who is just trying to fit in, and also has magic.

Kaska (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 18 years

Group: Students




Were-hyena (Were-hyenas are a mythology of someplace, forgot where. They're like were-wolves, but instead of turning into wolves they turn into hyenas. Look up how vicious hyenas are... Except Kaska has the power to turn into a hyena when CHOSEN)

Rank/Title(if any)

The were-hyena
Kaska (Only if known by the person/creature)

Physical Appearance

Human- Dark brown hair, which is long and curly. She normally keeps in in a high ponytail. She has light green eyes. Kaska likes wearing shorts, t-shirts, but also keeps modest with them.
Hyena Form- Spotted hyena.

Personality and interests

Personality- Shy, protective, kind, caring, quiet, wispy.
Interests- Books, Magic, Spirits (Which she has a strong connection to.).


Lived an average life, mainly. Until, of course, she found out about her secret... Then she was banned from her village, and wandered off. Finding, of course, here!

Favourite Sayings

Doesn't have any.

Magic abilities (3 max please)

1: Can heal MINOR wounds with a little healing spell she knows.
2: Turns into a hyena at will.
3: Never does it much, but has the power to be invisible and silent- COMPLETLY undetectable except by spirits. (She's still working on this one)

Mod notes...

these are notes from us (the moderators) to you about your character. For example adding invisible to all except spirits or the masters of whatever magic she is using to turn invisible (ex: illusion). Welcome to the game.

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Image of Kaska (NPC)
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