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Summary: A lizard-man looking for a use.

Chance (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Students





Rank/Title(if any)

Just Chance.

Physical Appearance

Light-green scales.
Brown eyes.
Tuft of brown hair that spikes.

Personality and interests

Personality- Stubborn, protective, romantic, pessimist.


Born in a place called 'Grenthar', he was raised there. He soon moved out, and found this place.

Favourite Sayings

"Well, another day wasted, a lost day for life"

Magic abilities (3 max please)

1: Illusion- Can make someone look like and feel like they have a wound, without actually having them have one.
2: Conjuration- He is working on it, but he is able to make creatures appear.
3: Divination- He strives to see...

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Image of Chance (NPC)
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