Image of Izuru Kamukura (NPC)

Summary: Ultimate Despair

Izuru Kamukura (NPC)

Gender: Male and female (explained in history)

Age: 19

Group: Students




Dark Angel

Rank/Title(if any)

The Ultimate Despair , The evil..

Physical Appearance

Has long flowing black hair with red eyes. He wears a black suit with a black tie and a white dress shirt inside and black loafers.

Personality and interests

Izuru appears as a cold and emotionless person who finds everything and everyone boring. He expresses a disgust for talentless people that oppress those with talent instead of acknowledging their "true superiors". He believes that such people brought the world to a deadlock and created a world that has stopped evolving. He mentions that this way of thinking was taught to him by his "teachers".

Izuru appears to enjoy unpredictability, which can make him feel more emotional, but he quickly grows bored because his immense talent and intuition causes him to quickly predict things with surprising accuracy.

He loves people who like despair


He was madly in love with a girl who loved despair as much as he did but she was killed by accident of a misspell someone in his family attempted that was his little brother out of rage he killed his entire family and parents including his little brother deeming him a murder he feel into despair. Loving her so much to where he used cerimonial magic to bind her soul with his so that she would never leave him as she is able to speak in her voice through his body but only on rare occasion this happens. He still attends the High School.

His files on the story are located in the administration office of the school for any kids to sneak in and read up on him.

He is a very strong and skill full mage , he is very knowledge in forbidden spells and He is a very good Necromancer.

Favourite Sayings

"Hope is weak despair will wash over you "

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Magic of Despair
Dark magic
Cerimonial magic

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Image of Izuru Kamukura (NPC)
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