Image of Nuxahl (EVIL NPC)

Summary: Daemon

Nuxahl (EVIL NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 3940

Group: Villains


Babylonian, originally



Physical Appearance

Standing at 10', Nuxahl is dressed in, appropriately, all black. His wings look as though there were an angel's, yet are, instead, black and, on areas, rotted away. He wears a mask, also, with blood upon it, and wields a scythe.

Personality and interests

His persona would be summarized in his actions. Nuxahl holds respect for only those whom are his equal, or greater, in power. All others are, merely, stepping stools upon the road.

His interests are held in souls, and what he might do with them once he has amassed a collection.


Born when Babylon was a mere dream, he saw it's completion by his thirtieth year. Yet times were harsh, hard, and he summoned a Daemon to give him the strength to see it through. The strength was given, yet the man's soul was taken, shoved into Hell and burnt.

Yet the man survived, and through deal upon deal, along with the occasional killing, he escaped the hole into black, and has come enlightened, and with purpose.

Favourite Sayings

"You are leaves in the wind, believing yourselves to rise when all it takes is a moment for you to fall once more."

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Nuxahl was not taught with traditional means, and so his skills are not traditional.

Scythe of Hell: His weapon may cut through all but the most well-constructed spells. It may, also, cast evocation spells, most related to Hellfire and most burning spells.
Sight of Souless: Nuxahl may see through most illusions, but the most well-constructed.
Soultaker: He may, in simple terms, steal one's soul, forcefully, and with it all their magic and all their life.

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Image of Nuxahl (EVIL NPC)
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