Image of Tahlia Rosewood (NPC)

Summary: A selfless fairy muggle with no social life but a pretty face

Tahlia Rosewood (NPC)

Gender: Girl

Age: 15

Group: Students


West Indian


Half fairy and Half human

Rank/Title(if any)

(sorry, I don't live in America)

Physical Appearance

Tanned skin
Long straight brown hair
Hair put up with silver hair band
Always wears a silver dress

Personality and interests

Well she's always loved art?
She's not much of a social bug


Well her parents had always kept her cooped up in her room studying ever since she started school. No her parents are finnaly letting her have her freedom with friends and hopefully boys in high school!

She has no friends at all! And her only friend was her elf uncle, who died when Tahlia turned 12

Favourite Sayings

A heart's dream is a hearts desire
Kindness is the key to unlocking new adventures and histories

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Bending! She can bend earth and ice
She can also hover and fly

Mod notes...

Not much...

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Image of Tahlia Rosewood (NPC)
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