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Summary: What's that, Blagden? Stranger, Blagden says hello. Yes, I'm talking about the owl, dummy!

Marcoh Fuller (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Students





Rank/Title(if any)

None Applicable

Physical Appearance

Tall, about 6'2", has dark blonde hair and the beginnings of a beard

Personality and interests

Funny and a joy to be around, Marcoh knows what to say to cheer someone up... usually.

Enjoys reading, people, and magic, among other things. Also plays the guitar and sings


Marcoh grew up loving to read. One day he saw a homeless man playing a guitar on the side of the road and asked his parents if he could get one. That year, for his birthday, they got him a guitar. He is a self-taught guitarist and singer. He also has perfect pitch which can be funny on long car trips with his cousins when he can't tell if they're deliberately singing off key or not.

Marcoh's sister died of a heart malfunction when she was young, and Marcoh used his magic in a desperate attempt to save her life. He has learned not to use his magic in desperation anymore.

Marcoh also has two close friends, Blagden, a white-feathered Raven, and Ituk, a soul he created in his ring.

Favourite Sayings

"Oh why me!"

"No, Blagden, you can't have my ring."

"Yes, Ituk, I told him."

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Marcoh specializes in one ancient form of Magic:
Soul Pact Magic.

Soul Pact Magic is a special kind of magic that allows Marcoh to create pacts with creatures, living and dead, that bind their soul to his. When they die, he knows. If the being is one usually insentient, they gain intelligence equal to his, save the ability to speak if the animal's body can't support it (some birds (ravens, parrots, etc. etc.) can speak shreds of human languages, this creates the higher motor and mental function for them to speak and read and write languages that they learn.). Marcoh has only ever made a contract with one human, his sister, Jasmine, in an attempt to save her life. It didn't work, and Marcoh felt her death just as keenly as if he himself had died.

Soul Pact Magic also allows the animation and sentience of inanimate, insentient objects. This means Marcoh can have a ring that he has used his "Soul Pact Magic" on, and it will have a soul, personality, and way to communicate (usually telepathy). Marcoh currently has one ring that he has used his Soul Pact Magic on. If one were to look at Marcoh's Aura, there would be two, his and one on his right index finger.

Marcoh also used his Soul Pact Magic on a young snowy owl he found in the woods, whose mother and siblings had been killed by a predator. He raised the owl from a baby and named it Blagden. When Blagden grew older, Marcoh used his Soul Pact Magic on him, giving him the ability to speak telepathically.

Marcoh is also working on his use of basic healing magic.

Mod notes...

It's good to be back. I really love that you've kept my idea going strong. Thank you, and congrats.

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Image of Marcoh Fuller (NPC)
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