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Summary: An exellent teacher of the Divine and the Mystical.

Picton Keeper (Pixie)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Teachers




Luminocarnis. An ancient race of Light-benders who were eradicated during Morgana's existence in King Arthur's time.

Rank/Title(if any)

Master Spectromancer
Master Diviner
Sorcerer of Light

Physical Appearance

White hair is usually noticeable in Picton's appearance. She is very slim and elegant, with a diamond-shaped face and beautiful, almond shaped eyes of grey. She wears a head-dress, a symbol of her culture, and also wears long earrings and a necklace made of obsidian gemstones.

Personality and interests

Picton has a very exuberant and lively personality. She is not one to bore, or torture someone with irrelevant information. If the need arises, she will guide and assist those who ask for her help. But she is also aloof at times, has an eccentric character overall, and is very spontaneous.

Picton enjoys teaching about Magic and Magical Theories. She is also a very good singer, when no one is around. She loves to eat sandwiches and never goes anywhere by foot, unless for a short distance. Instead, she Lightwarps.


Picton is the last of her kind, the Luminocarnis. This race of magical creatures were no different in appearance compared to humans. But they were very powerful. Created by the mythological Greek Moon Goddess, Selene, the Luminocarnis were to serve as Light-bearers in this world. They were healers, teachers, and for the most part, excellent Guardians. Picton is now one of the very few who have survived until this age. She ages after every Blue Moon, and has traveled many places including India, Egypt, and Greece. She now seeks a teaching position at a magical academy, so as to share her experiences with interested Scholars of Magic.

Favourite Sayings

"Chance favors the prepared"

Magic abilities (3 max please)

- Spectromancy
- Divination
- Ceremonial Magic

Mod notes...

- She will usually act as a teacher, teaching students on any subject that is required of her.
- She is an expert in magic, or at least the fantasy version of it

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Picton Keeper (Pixie)
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