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Summary: The Out of Time Cryomancer

Mei Xue

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Students


1/2 Chinese 1/2 Ukrainian Speaks English



Rank/Title(if any)


Physical Appearance

5'5" brownish black hair, curvy/pumpish build. Wears glasses,

Personality and interests

Happy and bubbly personality 95% of the time 5% of the time she has a very scary personality. She loves learning to control her power, music, making friends, cold weather and freezing stuff. Just to see what happens.


Its unknown how old she really is she doesn't even really know she just remembers before she was frozen she had, had her 17 birthday 3 months before. But she doesn't know how much time has pass outside of the ice tomb she was in.

Favourite Sayings


Magic abilities (3 max please)

(Shooting Icicles, freezing wind, and ice shield. To name a few)

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Image of Mei Xue
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