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Summary: Friendly, talkative and fun loving.

Jack Murray

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Gender: Male

Age: Around 17

Group: Students


Unknown, but proably American.



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Physical Appearance

See pic.
He is a little taller than average, quite pale and a little skinny, but still has a pretty toned body. He is easy to recognise by his bright orange/reddish hair, bright blue eyes and charming smile.

You never see him without his hat or the eye-patch that's covering the right side of his head. The hat is used to hide his catlike ears and the eye-patch is for covering a big scar. He also as several scars on the rest of his body, but doesn't show them and has even covered some of them with tattoos.

When he is in one of his animal-shapes none of his scars can be seen.

When relaxing he usually change into the shape of a regular housecat with the same colour fur as his hair.

Personality and interests

He is very easy going and likes to joke around with others. He is not good at respecting other people's personal space and might seem a little too childish of his age.

He is very direct and rarely hides his emotions to anyone, maybe except if he is asked about his past.


He has been on several different orphanages and never known anything about his family. In a way he has always loved this freedom and every time he got bored, bullied or had his abilities revealed at one place then he used his shapeshifting abilities, changed into a cat and ran away. This has made him very open to new people and learned to makes friends quickly, because he never knew how long he was going to stay each place.

Favourite Sayings

"It wasn't me, but if I get a cookie I might tell you who it was"

Magic abilities (3 max please)

Shapeshifting: He doesn't know it yet, but he can change his shape into any kind of animal or just partly. He can also change into the shape of another person, but hasn't discovered this yet either.

Enhanced sences: He can enhance any of his senses both with or without changing his shape.

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Image of Jack Murray
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