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Summary: Small antisocial catlike dragon trying to fit in

Peri Rimstars (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: ??

Group: Magical intelligent Beasts


Lumino City



Rank/Title(if any)

No title

Physical Appearance

Small for a dragon, light green scales and yellow eyes, catlike features(ears, eyes, tail) Triangular horns on her head, quick on her feet. lighter, yellow underbelly and opposable claws

Personality and interests

Snarky, doesn't know much about humans, sarcastic, likes flying, slightly antisocial but very loyal once you make friends.


Nobody really knows where Peri came from. One day she just appeared outside the doors of the high school.

Favourite Sayings


Magic abilities (3 max please)

She can hover and fly around even without wings, sh can shoot energy bolts from her mouth in the place of fire

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Image of Peri Rimstars (NPC)
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