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Summary: Prince of the Dragon fist.

Deckard Wolfe

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Students


Canadian and Asian

(grew up in California so he sounds like a Stereotype of a Canadian and a surfer dude)



Rank/Title(if any)

Son of the King of the Dragon Fist/ Prince of the Dragon Fist

Physical Appearance

Tall, strong, tan, and lean muscled. Snake like eyes. Dragon tattoo around his right arm See image

Personality and interests

Smug, arrogant, and always ready for a challenge. He loves swimming, girls, girls swimming, and duels.


He is the prodigal son of Alistair. Taught the modified dragon fist spell by his father (Alistair). He is the second best known user of this spell. Despite his affinity for fire he is part of the school swim team.

Favourite Sayings


Magic abilities (3 max please)

Dragon fist
Dragon Scale (Armored body similar to Iron Skin type spell)
Fire breath (Rarely used)

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Image of Deckard Wolfe
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