How to learn magic without learning

Trenton started laughing, "I am sorry, I seriously thought you wanted to learn how to quick cast, but if you can't use any magic than that is no help." He laughed for a bit before composing himself and motioning for Heiwa to follow him. he walked down a hallway lined with books on shelves carved into the walls. "Here is a whole section of books containing spells. I don't know how they work, but these books imbue essence into your mind so that you can instantly use the spell. The spell in the book is listed under the book. If the label is missing I would advise against opening the book. Also stay away from that book at the end of the hall. if you aren't a very strong mage, undead, or a creature like an angel or demon your head will explode. There is a protective barrier and a sign that says do not open, but I knew a few kids who desired the unknown knowledge inside, only one survived, kind of. Seth is the only one I know who has read the book without physical defect. Here let me show you how a good book works." He reached for a random book, before moving his hand over one, "Oh, and also don't touch anything that has eldritch in the name, very powerful, very dangerous, very disturbing." He picked up a book with the label flash teleport and opened it. there was a bright green light that seemed to absorb into Trenton's eyes for a few seconds accompanied by Trenton screaming in surprise and pain until the light stooped. Trenton dropped the book muttering, "$%*#, I forgot how much that it hurts." He then quickly teleported from one point to another accompanied by a bright yellow light and after a few seconds did it again to return next to Heiwa, "Alright no problem see."

A student in a black hood and robe hiding his whole body came by and grabbed the book Trenton had avoided, "Excuse me." came the raspy voice. it almost looked like a green hand had grabbed the book with the label "Eldritch teleport"

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