Summoning gone wrong

Black Burn the demon Trenton had mentioned previously came running by them shouting, "Out of the way mortal scum. Feel free and deal with my boss will you." Trenton was shocked, he didn't think anything would scare Black burn, but at the mention of his boss he got pale, "We should get out of here, now." He didn't wait for Heiwa before running for the exit. A lot of the other student's in Seth's secret class on forbidden magics seemed to have the same idea. A voice cried out from somewhere within the secret underground rooms, "Tremble before me all who hear. This place will be mine and nothing nobody does can stop me." A sound of a magic blast could be heard followed by "FOOLISH HUMAN" and a blood curdling scream that was cut short.

The students who had flooded into the library either tried to get as far away from the library as possible or blend in with the other students in the library, some of them hadn't been seen in years and others were supposedly already graduated.

A Demon running down the school halls was not something that had been seen in a long time. Black Burn was drawing a lot of unwanted attention in his search of a way out. He finally let his pride be put down for a moment and turned to a student, "Foolish Mortal scum, where is the exit to this place?"

(Feel free to jump in now please. This event's goal is to cover the whole school and need a lot of people to put it to an end. Thanks for the suggestion CC and GAO)

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