Big Trouble in School Days Part 2

Amy felt good to hear Max was thinking of her needing to be useful. She smiled at him as she nodded. She really liked how cool he was and hoped they would come back safe. As they walked away two members of the Discipline Committee came by to get Amy and check in with Merlin.

After the ten minutes were up Merlin stood up, "Thank you Seth let's go. I will lead the way with Seth next to me leading the way. Max and Page, you two stay behind us and you two are on portal removal. Alvin you stay up here and guard the entrance and make sure no more demons make it out if they make it past us. You two, I think Omar and Heiwa right. You two watch Alvin and make sure he is ok."

Max sighed in relief as he really didn't want to go into the dark and spooky tunnel. He ran his fingers through his hair as he felt relieved. Mr. Page gave a slight nod as he understood his orders. Though he was not going to admit it nor show it he was worried about leaving his daughter in harms way. Amy looked at the two Discipline Committee members then at her father and Max. She was hoping that she could continue to work with Max and her father some more. Amy didn't want to leave them an get protected by the Discipline Committee upperclassmen. As Amy was contemplating her next move Max was talking to Lucy via telepathy.

Telepathic conversation:

Lucy: Max?

Max: Yes Lucy?

Lucy: Aren't you a bit worried?

Max: A little but I am glad I am not going into the dark creepy tunnel.

Lucy: I wait I mean that Demon Lord just outed you in front of everyone.

Max: Oh snap! He did, didn't he?

Lucy: Well thankfully he mentioned one you all was a witch hunter, and not you specifically.

Max: Hmmmm.........This is bad then.

Lucy: Well then I think we might be alright though.

Max: Why? Amy might figure me out?

Lucy: Somehow I doubt that dense girl caught on since she was fighting for her life. However since Merlin and Mr. Page ignored it I think the others will forget that comment and believe he was referring to one of the teachers.

Max: Man I hope so.

Lucy: Uh oh Max. I sense you are in great danger.

Max: More demons?

Max looks agitated as he looks around. Amy and Mr. Page notice he is looking nervous.

Amy: Are you ok Max? You look jumpy?

Max looked at Amy then around the room.

Lucy telepathically: Max! One Eyed Mia is coming for you. I'm sorry Max I spotted her to late.

Max out loud: Oh snap! She found me! I gotta hide!

Amy: Max what is it?

Mr. Page: What is wrong with you Max?

Max: Dang it I dropped my guard to soon. Amy what ever happens please don't judge me to harshly! (looking scared)

Amy: Max its okay we are here. Is it the Demon Lord?

Max: Worse!

Just then Max was caught in a web from above and left dangling a few feet off the ground. He panicked as he ended up even more entangled in the web till he sighed.

Max: Hello Mia.

Just then Vice-President of the Discipline Committee Mia lowered herself with her webbing to the ground. VP Mia is a very powerful, attractive and a manipulative Sophmore female who loved having males do her bidding. Mia had a slender figure and tended have her shoulder length black hair cover up her left eye. Her primary magic was creating webs and summoning spiders which earned her the nickname "Spider Girl or One Eyed Mia". Unfortunately for Max she saw him as her new boy toy and tended to smother him with affection despite his objections.

Mia: Did you miss me Maxxy-Poo?

Amy: Wow the legendary Spider Girl, One Eyed Mia. You are so cool.

Mia hugged Max with tons of affection as she looked at Amy with a big happy grin. True to her name her bangs oddly enough covered one of her eyes which earned her one of her nicknames. Mia shook Amy's hand as she liked being adored. Mia also noticed Amy was wearing a Volunteer Discipline Committee armband.

Mia: Has my Maxxy-Poo been a good boy and teaching you the ropes?

Amy: Yes I have learned so much about using different techniques to catch the rule breaking students. Max is an amazing teacher.

Mia: I know and it hurt me when that meany-head President of the Discipline Committee took him away from me and put him in charge of the Freshmen.

Amy: You really like Max huh?

Mia: Of course he is my precious slave. After he left I was stuck doing all my own paperwork. I had to find a few new Discipline Committee members to take his place, but its not the same.

Max: Mia you just wanted me to do all your work. Any guy could do that.

Mia: Oh Maxxy-Poo that is true. I could easily force my work on any underling in the Discipline Committee, but you know you are my favorite slave.

Lucy telepathically: I am sorry Max. I......

Max telepathically: It's not your fault Lucy. It's my problem. I just need to deal with it like a man and show Amy I am not into her.

Lucy telepathically: Good luck Max I am on your side.

Max telepathically: Thanks Lucy. You are my best friend.

Lucy telepathically: Oh Max that makes me so happy.

Mia: So Maxxy-Poo? Are you ready to back to Mia?

Max: Mia this is really not a good time. You need to understand that I.....

Mia's eyes turned red as her smile became dark and creepy as she glared at Max which made him very nervous.

Mia: I'm sorry Maxxy-Poo! I hope you were not about to rejecting me. If you were silly enough to do something that hurtful I might do something rather unbecoming to any girl who tries to take you away from me. Right Max?????

Max telepathically: Oh crap Lucy! I almost wet my pants. Women are scary when they don't get their way.

Lucy telepathically: Oh my! What are you gonna do Max? If she finds out you like Amy it will get very bad, but if you give in Amy will get the wrong idea!

Max telepathically: Oh Snap! I am so screwed.

Max was scrambling for a way out of his situation when Mr. Page grew annoyed by Max and his situation.

Mr. Page: Mia as the Vice-President of the Discipline Committee I hope you are not abusing your position. It would be a shame to loose your authority over a simple crush on this delinquent.

Mia quickly snapped out of her evil trance and looked nervous as she re-composed herself and smiled as she looked at Mr. Page.

Mia: Of course not Mr. Page. I just missed my Maxxy-Poo, that's all.

Max looked relieved that Mr. Page interfered and saved him from a very tragic ending.

Mr. Page: However since you are here with the other two Discipline Committee members you can make yourself useful and aid Max and I in our assignment.

Mai: Of course sir. I would be honored. (winking at Max with her only visible eye)

Mr. Page: Merlin wants Max and I to close all the demon portals about the school. So if you two lovebirds are done with your reunion please get your minds right and Max hurry up and free yourself.

Max then used his MO to dissolve the webbing as he glanced at Amy hoping she didn't see him differently in Mia's presence. Unfortunately he was not ready for what was going on in Amy's head.

Amy: Wow Mia. I didn't know you and Max were a thing. I am so happy for you.

Max dropped his jaw as he looked at Amy and Mai who seemed to be getting along rather to well. It hurt to now the girl he had a mad crush on was so dense about his feelings and now she was acknowledging Mia as Max's girl. The two Discipline Committee members snickered as they saw Max was awe struck. It was obvious Max was a fly caught in Mia's trap. Annoyed by the high school love triangle Mr. Page popped Max in the back of his head to snap him out of it.

Mr. Page We have work to do Max. Get your mind right.

Max: (rubbed his sore head) Yeah yeah Daddy Page. Lets get moving then.

Mr. Page: Alright then. Mia you, my daughter Amy and your two underlings will stay close to Max to offer support and I while we close all the portals in the school. Stay on your guard since we still don't know the situation of the portals or demons. Max any ideas?

Max telepathically: Lucy can you see the other portals using the Mandrakes we placed in the school?

Lucy telepathically: Yes but their might be a few I can't see.

Max telepathically: Good enough. Show me where they are then.

Lucy telepathically: Ok Max

Max: Yeah Daddy Page I can see where most of them are so we can focus on those first.

Mr. Page: Good idea Max. The hidden ones magic essence will be easier to find when their are less portals and demons. So where shall we start?

Max: I suggest we clear out the gym since it is infested and nearby.

Mr. Page: Very well then. Amy stay by Mia's side and listen to her since you are the weakest one here.

Amy: Yes daddy.

After that Mr. Page led the five Discipline Committee members to the gym to close the portals there.

As they arrived at the gym they work as a team to take on the minor demons to close the portals. Max found it easier to work with Amy, her dotting father and Mia as they helped create an opening for him to touch the portal to close it with his MO power. This continued on for a while since there was a lot of portals left open.


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