Picking Up The Pieces

With the demon lord defeated Merlin led an intensive clean up effort. Areas of the school needed repaired after the fighting and Seth Demar needed to be investigated by the school council. Veteran teachers were tasked with investigating Seth’s secret library of forbidden knowledge and deciding what to do with it. It seemed to already be categorized by topic. Necromancy, Eldritch gods, demonology, mind control, time magic, blood magic, and every other forbidden magic that existed.

There were a few students found hiding from the demons in the secret library and they were all being detained for questioning. Alvin and Amelia along with the rest of Seth’s students were also in detention for questioning. Trenton had been caught and he was complaining about being in detention again even though no one knew who he was other than that he could use time magic.

Students were asked to help use their magic to clean and repair the school. For the students who did not know construction or cleaning spells impromptu classes were being taught.

Merlin had Mr. Page, Ms. Mavrick, Mr. Riversong, Mr. Flamel, Ms. Keeper and Mr. Gruff work on healing the injured, making repairs to the simple parts of the school and documenting the more challenging areas of damage to the school. They were also in charge of flushing any small demons hiding and students who didn't know it was safe to come out. Merlin was handling the situation with Seth and his students so the rest of the staff had to deal with the remaining issues. Mr. Page worked with the Discipline Committee members such as Max, Amy and Mia to organize the students and take a look for missing students or deal with any small hidden demons. Of course the Lady of the Lake sent in some small water elementals to secure the school from any demons which helped speed up the process. It was going to take a while to make the repairs to the school so the staff had to reorganize which rooms were off limits and what rooms could be used used temporarily.

Max communicated with Lucy who was invisible to all but himself and the Lady of the Lake and Merlin. Lucy was very helpful when using her Mandrake communication network to help Max see all around the school. He came across two hidden small demons which he finished off quickly. He also found about twelve students who were hiding through out the school. Amy was amazed by how quickly he could do his job without relying on magic like the others did. Mia was happy that Max lowered her work load and saw him as a cute pet. Poor Max was torn as he still hated to lie to Amy but it was necessary for him to stay at the school.

Sadly due to some of the dorms being damaged some of the students ended up with extra roommates. Max was also one of the victims so he got permission to sleep in the Discipline Committee Office he was using as his base for managing the Freshmen. So to make it less confusing he made a sign to knock before opening the door when the sign was on the door knob. The last thing he needed was Amy catching him change.


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