Fish tales

Jack almost sighed with relief when be heard this "Oh, good. For a moment I feared that you might feel that fish were like some kind of relatives to you. Of course that would have been silly.".

Before following Moses to the table Jack made sure to grab some more sushi now that he knew it was allright. He listened with great interest to the stories Moses told while they ate, trying to imagine what some of those magical might look like and of course how they would taste.

"I really hope that I someday get the chance to go to Atlantis. It sounds amazing!" he said with a enthusiastic smile "And all those fish! I think the most exotic fish I've ever tasted was a koi, though I won't recommend it. They have all these tiny bones and people get really upset if they see you taking one, even if you're just a cat. Though, with that said, I don't usually steal fish from ponds but I can be nessecery.".

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