Speed talking

"Great." Jacks said with a big smile and then quickly left, eager to start his search for Merlin.

It did take him a while to find his way back to Merlins office but he eventually succeeded. When he knocked on the door a voice soon allowed him in.

"Hey, it's me, Jack, the one who helped Moses dropping off some books earlier. I hope I'm not disturbing" he said in his cheerful way but then noticed the tired expressions of Merlin and the one he was talking to. He then added, though still smiling "Well, at least not too much.".

He then composed himself before continuing "The thing is, Moses an I just had this conversation about Atlantis where he comes from, which sound as an amazing place! Anyway, he then came up with the suggestion of taking some of us students on a field trip to Atlantis and see all the fishies while all this clean-up is going on here at the school. Isn't that a great idea?". Though he tried, which was hard to tell, he simply could not hold back his excitement. All his words simply came flying out at such a pace and with these unnecessary comments that it almost did not make any sense.

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