Field trip registration

Merlin sighed and asked Jack to repeat himself slowly. Because Jack was so excited and Merlin was so tired he had to ask twice.

"That sounds like a great idea, I am too busy at the moment to go around finding the students to sign up for the field trip, but I suppose you could do that for me. I will get all the paperwork ready." He handed Jack a clipboard and a magic pen that returned to the clipboard if no one was holding it in their hand. He also gave Jack a necklace, "This necklace will help you find students and teachers. Students will appear green and teachers will appear blue. This will help you see through walls and illusions as well as spot invisible beings. If you spot a red being come tell me immediately as it is a hostile or intruder." Merlin then turned to Alvin, "Why don't you go with him and help him find his way around the building. Just remember both of you, stay out of the library no matter what."


Trenton was looking through one of the unocuptime travel. Nearbye looking for prophecies about the future. He was technicaly a student and an intruder at the same time considering he was from the future and had used the forbidden time magic to timetravel.

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