Journey to Atlantis

Ooc- any students are welcome to join the field trip. Teachers are still at the school. Unless someone wants to use them elswhere I will assume that the NPC students are on the fieldtrip.

Moses helped the students load onto the magical cariges pulled by pegasus. They departed the School and flew on a straight path to the ocean. They stopped and unloaded at the beach. "Alright students, we have three hours of free time at the beach while we wait for the atlantans to come pick us up. You are free to do as you please, just stay within a mile of the shore and don't go past the lighthouses on either side of the shore." Moses then turned to Asuram, "Thank you for volunteering to help me chaperone. I will watch the students in the water if you watch the students that stay on land." Asuram agreed to this arrangement and went to help set up a volleyball game.

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