Beach time

The entire journey to the beach was breathtakingly beautiful and unlike anything both Jack and Lance had ever experienced before.

Jack was super excited as he had never seen the sea before. Of course he had seen it in movies and documentaries but it was nothing compared to seeing it for real. Without hesitation he took off his shoes and socks before running down to the water. The water was much colder than he expected so he quickly jumped out of it again. He had planned to go for a swim but this made him change his mind. Fortunately there were plenty of other things to do.

He noticed some of the others had set up a volleyball game and quickly went to join them.

Lance found a place where he could sit by himself and watch the other students. From his bag he took a pen and paiper and started drawing the scenery. This was one of his favorite things to do, apart from reading of course, and he was very skilled at it.

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