Having entered the submarine Jack quickly started exploring. It was a huge place and everything was so beautiful it made him wonder what it might have cost to build this thing.

Meanwhile Lance had retreated to a quiet corner in the dining hall as he was not feeling well. He tried to look through the window and focus on the amazing view. This however did not help at all. It seemed as he would just have to endure this and hope the journey would not be too long.

Now Jack arrived at the dining hall aswell and was thrilled to see all the lovely seafood they were serving at the buffet. It did not take him long to grab a plate and fill it with a little bit of everything even though it could hardly fit on the plate. As he looked around for a place to sit he spotted Lance sitting all by himself so he decided to join him. He took a seat opposite of Lance, sending him a big smile as he did so "Hey, you don't mind me joining, do you?". "Actually I..." but Lance never got the chance to finish his sentence before Jack merrily continued "Good. By the way, you look a bit pale little buddy.". Jack leaned in closer to look at Lance though he tried to ignore him "Oh, I know just what you need. Try some of this. I'm sure it will make you feel better in no time.". Having said this he pushed his plate with food closer to Lance while at the same time stuffing his mouth with some unusually colorful piece of fish. "Uhm! This is really good!" he continued with his mouth full, but all of this only made Lance feel even worse. Just looking at the food made his stomach turn and he almost felt like throwing up. Lance pulled back a little and if he had not been feeling this sick he would have asked the clearly oblivious Jack to leave.

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