A Small Walk

Eve sighed in relief as she set course for the nearest asteroid belt which was a day away.

Eve: Well it looks like have our first mission as a group. Wanna meet the others?

After Evelina had Richy call the crew to meet in the mess hall she led Mr. Tinkles to their destination since he was unfamiliar with the ship. As they headed to the turbo lift Evelina showed Mr. Tinkles how the decks were laid out from Deck A through Deck Z. Since the ship was as big as a city it was easy to get lost. When asked if he knew much about the Gray Dwarf ship Mr. Tinkles replied, "Well not really. I mean I only know about it from the rumors and gossip from Magico. But he kinda had a tendency to talk about himself more than anything. I mean the guy literally spent hours in front of a mirror praising himself. As for me I spent most my time in a magic box since he was afraid I might tell anyone about his crappie magic secrets. The only time he let me out was during the magic act. Talk about a psycho boss. The only time I could relax was when he was trying to pick up women. Since he totally sucked at it he would waste hours at it with no success. So while he was gone I would order movies and smokes on his tab. It's hard to feel guilty since he was a smeghead."


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