Work Stations??

After Evelina had Richy call the crew to meet in the mess hall she led Mr. Tinkles to their destination since he was unfamiliar with the ship. As they headed to the turbo lift Evelina showed Mr. Tinkles how the decks were laid out from Deck A through Deck Z. Since the ship was as big as a city it was easy to get lost. When asked if he knew much about the Gray Dwarf ship Mr. Tinkles replied, "Well not really. I mean I only know about it from the rumors and gossip from Magico. But he kinda had a tendency to talk about himself more than anything. I mean the guy literally spent hours in front of a mirror praising himself. As for me I spent most my time in a magic box since he was afraid I might tell anyone about his crappie magic secrets. The only time he let me out was during the magic act. Talk about a psycho boss. The only time I could relax was when he was trying to pick up women. Since he totally sucked at it he would waste hours at it with no success. So while he was gone I would order movies and smokes on his tab. It's hard to feel guilty since he was a smeghead."

After arriving in the mess hall Eve introduced Mr. Tinkles to the crew.

Eve: Hey guys we got a new new mate in the Dwarf. He is a mechanoid rabbit from a magic act. His name is Mr. Tinkles and he seems to fit in with our dysfunctional crew.

Feral Cat: Is he edible?

Biff: Seriously? What is your deal? You already tried to eat my mechanoid goldfish and damn near choked on them.

Feral Cat: How was I suppose to know they were robots?

Biff: Maybe cause I told you like a hundred times before.

Feral Cat: You Humys are just to weird.

Washout: Said the unwanted, unlicensed feline stowaway roaming our ship!

Feral Cat: I don't remember seeing your name on it......Unless you are a Dwarf?

Washout: HEY NOW!

Eve: Oh would you cut it out already! You all sound like kids fighting over the tele.

Maidbot 13: Can we hurry this up I need to check on the Princess.

Biff: Relax 13 I doubt she is going anywhere. She is still in stasis remember?

Maidbot 13: Of course.....I am fully aware of that, but I need to be there when she wakes up.

Eve: Well I already told Richy to notify us if anyone else wakes up from Stasis.

Maidbot 13: That half baked AI can barely remember our names and you trust him?

Eve: He is doing his best 13 and besides he is way past the warranty for maintenance anyway. By the way where is Jason?

Bif: He is still couped up in his room. My guess is shell shock from everyone being gone and all.

Washout: You make it sound like he was popular before the incident.

Bif: Oh please like you were ever popular.

Washout: I used to be the Ace of Aces till I got Walleye-Vision after my crash.

Bif: And a lot of bitterness.

Washout: Like you could understand what it's like to loose your purpose. Your alter ego is a slack jawed muscle-head surfer with the IQ of a glass of milk.

Eve sighed as she thought about missing her husband Jaxx who is Bif's alter ego.

Bif: Yeah well he still got more tail than you ever did.

Eve: Yeah he got you on that one Washout.

Washout: That's Lt. Pfaffenbach Ensign Stone and you are going on report.

Eve: anyone else will ever read it.

Washout: Respect your superiors missy or else you will you might find yourself in the brig.

Eve: Try it and Jaxx will swallow your holo bee again.

Washout got nervous as he backed away from Eve.

Washout: There is no need to go there again. It took me a week to get the smell off me.

Bif: Yeah you totally reeked.

Washout: I don't want to hear that from you cheese boy.

Maidbot 13: So can we leave now?

Eve got their attention again as she told them about the auto repair systems needed more ore so they needed to help monitor the systems to make sure nothing bad happened. She told them the zones she assigned to them to watch over and to keep in contact in case any danger came up. After some more bickering they ate a meal bickered some more before heading to their work stations to get ready to monitor the needed repairs. Washout would be on the bridge while Eve and Bif would be in the Drive room. Maidbot 13 would be in the core room with Feral Kat and Mr. Tinkles.


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