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Gender: Femail

Age: 16

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Physical Appearance

Kitty stands about 5 foot 6. She has long silver hair and brilliant blue eyes. She ways about 115 pounds. She weeds light waght swet pants and a dark collered t-shirt.

Personality and interests

Kitty is best discribed as carful and jumpy. She doesn't trust most people. However thows she dose trust know that she is sweet, kind, trustworthy. And exstremly intelligent.


Kitty was rased in a loving home in northern California near the redwood forest. Until she was about 10 when it was discovered that she had the ability to turn into any living animal she could think of . Animals about the size of a house cat or smaller she could say as for as long as she wonted. For larger animals she can only matain the form fir a limited amount of time. The larger the animal the shorter the time she can hold that form. She ran away from home shortly after her powers were discovered she ran away from home. One night she over heard her parents talking to misterous people. They wonted to take her away. Kitty dident stay long to find out who they were so she left and is now lives in the redwood forests.

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Image of Kitty
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