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Natalia sighed as she walked past the bustling building of the cafeteria. She was hit by the almost overwhelming change in noise level as she passed by the open door, if there was one things ...


Rayne sighed, slamming shut her locker door. The second day was only halfway through, and she knew that lunchtime brought with it more people. She wasn't especially fond of people. She be ...

Making Time

Maisie frowned lightly as she stared at the diary in front of her. She was trying desperately to arrange things properly and to be able to find a good amount of time to go see Evan up in Bou ...

Nice helper

I survay the carpark with wide eyes scanning for Rinji and my eye falls on a girl around my age looking completley lost. I smile and walk up to her. "Hi I'm Eilsa." I say holding out my han ...

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