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Summary: An S Ranked Hero for 6 hours and a nerdy kid for the rest of the day

Jack Blank aka Blue Falcon

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Heroes - S Rank

Hero Title

Blue Falcon




Jack is a High School Student with secret identity as an S Ranked hero. Jack has a photographic memory and is has the top scores in High School and when he graduates with the Valedictorian title he will get a full scholarship to any school of his choosing. Also on the side he is taking online college some courses which count at high school and college credits.

Blue Falcon has super strength, nyinvulnerability, super sight, flight and talons for feet to grab enemies. Unfortunately his powers only last up to 6 hours a day.

Rank Level

Rank - S for only 6 hours per day, then he is a high school civilian.

Physical Appearance

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Jack is a 5'7" skinny, plain looking and wiry kid till he takes on the costumed muscular form of Blue Falcon at 7'5" and looks 25 years old.

Jack transforms into Blue Falcon by projecting an organic pink 'liquid flesh' material from his skin. The liquid flesh then shapes itself into a tall man with exceptionally large and defined muscular development. Blue Falcon is attractive and has a bold voice unlike Jack. Blue Falcon can revert to his teenage form by destabilizing the outer body into a mess of pink protein goo, either consciously or when his Blue Falcon-body's energy reserves run out. When this happens, Jack must pull himself out of the body's remains or risk suffocating from lack of oxygen. The goo will eventually dissolve in anout 5 minutes or so. Jack can only maintain his super form for up to six hours unless he takes to much damage then it will be less so he will need to escape to hide his identity from harm. He is vulnerable when escaping the goo or in teen form.

As Blue Falcon, Jack possesses tremendous strength with unknown limits and can lift an entire bus with relative ease. His resistance to physical injury is also exceptionally high, having survived a close proximity explosion of several grenades. Blue Falcon can also fly at Mach-level of velocity.

Personality and Interests

Jack is a shy and timid kid who keeps to himself. He is a video game/comic book nerd and often gets bullied. He becomes very shy when talking to girls since he was traumatized at a younger age. His strengths lie in his superior academics and photographic memory.

Blue Falcon is a tough no nonsense kind of guy despite having the IQ of Jack. However he is prone to showboat in front of a others. Blue Falcon is Jack's alter ego since he can be what Jack can never be.....and that is awesome.


Jack was often bullied as a kid and during one day while walking home from school he was chased by bullies and fell into a damaged sewer system where he was exposed to toxic sludge from illegal dumping. After being sick for a week he found he gained super powers and formed the pink goo flesh into the legendary Blue Falcon. Now he must keep his powers a secret since he knows others will try to take it away from him since he has been bullied his whole life. However after becoming partners with Uganda Maylock aka the Maple Cannon he is learning to become a stronger person without his powers.

Heroic/Villainous One Liners

Meet the wings of justice evil doers!

Taste the Claw of De-Feet! (this is a witty pun as in "Defeat")

What are you looking for in this game?

Jack can only maintain his super form for up to six hours unless he takes to much damage then it will be less so he will need to escape to hide his identity from harm.

Jack is afraid to tell anyone about his secret life since he is usually bullied a lot and is vulnerable in teen form.

Jack is looking forward to becoming life partners with Uganda Maylock.

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