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Summary: An overgrown muscle-man with arrested mental development

The Infraggable Krunk

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Gender: Male

Age: Early 20's ????

Group: Heroes - S Rank

Hero Title

The Infraggable Krunk
He is rarely called in by the Hero Assoc. due to the insane amount of damage he does to the city and planet. So they actually pay him to stay home and watch TV.


???? Can't remember


Krunk is a powerful superhero and likely the physically strongest hero on the planet who has even earned the title of "World's Mightiest Mortal", showing that he truly is the mightiest man among mortal kind. Because of this, he is one of the strongest heroes in the series alongside Blue Falcon & Valhallen. Krunk's strength seemingly grows whenever he becomes emotional, such as being too happy, excited or angry. His strength is so great that he can even lift the titanic Badzilla and toss him far enough into the sky until he is out of sight. He also possesses superhuman invulnerability, regeneration, and is completely immune to pain, as even getting assaulted by an entire legion of villains did no harm to him. The only things that can actually harm him are tooth aches and Index/Battlecat's claws (although getting sliced to ribbons doesn't seem to hurt him). However his low intellect, emotional behavior, and childish personality are his greatest weaknesses as he can easily be distracted or fooled.

Super Strength - Krunk has the ability to lift and push really heavy objects.
Krunk Smash - Krunk has the ability to jump up and smash something and destroy it.
Invulnerability - Krunk is an immovable object and is immune to most kinds of forces.
Regeneration: His altered metabolism has rapid regenerative abilities.
Flight: Krunk has shown the ability to fly but only once while in space. It is likely he can only use this under special circumstances or simply pushed himself with great force towards Earth.

Rank Level

Rank S

Physical Appearance

Krunk is a large and overly muscular purple humanoid with short messy purple hair and a usually hunched posture. He wears almost no clothing at all except for his green trousers with are a bit torn. Occasionally he has worn a few costumes and he owns a "Puppets Pals" t-shirt and cap.

Personality and Interests

He is the biggest and strongest and also the dumbest and kindest hero in HA. Although he is around the same age as his friends he has the mind and mannerisms of a child and mainly speaks in third person. His favorite T.V show is "T.V. Puppet Pals" and he has a toy named Teddy. He refers to Major Glory as "Flag man" and Valhallen as "Blondie". He lives with Major Glory and Valhallen in the apex floor of the Muscular Arms apartment building and despite their differences and quarrels, they are in fact good friends.
Interests: The Puppet Pals, Pancakes


The last roommate, Major Glory has been gone for a few months after being transferred by his Job. They interviewed a few people so far but Krunk scarred off everyone so far when he got to excited watching his puppet tv show.

They live in the apex/top floor of the Muscular Arms apartment building. Its a full three bedroom apartment which is either 12 ft x 12 ft or 10 ft x 10 ft. However Valhallen used Asgard magic/tech to create an isolated space field in his room to make it far more bigger than a mere 12 ft x 12 ft room. The room is the size of a one floor palace. Now Valhallen has White Valkyrie and Index staying in his room. The rent is split three ways but sometime Valhallen has to cover the rent if it is short since he is wealthy from his rock concerts.

Heroic/Villainous One Liners

Krunk not afraid of scary bee! Krunk smash!
Krunk go potty?
You block TV!
Have report on Krunk's desk by nine o'clock tomorrow, or Krunk SMASH!
TV, Puppet Pals! TV, Puppet Pals! Lots of fun, for guys and gals!
I don't know writing.
Krunk don't like fish!
Krunk suddenly craving sea bass...
Got milk?

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