The Gods Arrive.

"Huh...I feel a great disturbance in the force..." Maxie woke up. The Bridge Bunnies were also there.

"That might be my fault," Blue replied. The God had arrived.

"OH MY!!!" All three Bridge Bunnies instantly bowed down to the God.

"Ah, Bridge Bunnies...I think you three were the runts. It's amazing how durable you three are..." He spoke backhanded.

They still bowed. The pecking order said so.

"Uh, your Grace...what are you doing here???" Maxine instantly bowed too.

"My brother made a bet with me. I need to know at least seven people of this universe who will join my team," Ue adjusted his glasses. "And I know you aren't from here Miss Moxie,"

"I'm a tourist Your Grace. But, I know that city over there has plenty of strong could suit you," Maxie trembled, but looked oscar-worthy with that performance.

"Ah...good. Rise," He allowed the Quartet to stand up. "This will just be a short visit...farewell,"

And he left, flying on a metallic plate, made for God beings.

"Oh, my gauchos..." Maxine breathed. "Of all the least it wasn't Ikarus Red..."

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