Trials of Hercules/FRIENDS!!!!

"..." The Grumpy Cat face was evident. After walking out, she could see a lot of people staring at her. But...By any means. That was her motto. Even if it meant she was humiliated.

If the hat wasn't there, she'd be less enthusiastic.

First was a peach...but it wasn't in season. So she came up with something else; she forced the thing to grow by yelling at it; cartoon physics.


Now, a Bruce Lee Movie, that was all sold out.

She found a guy who had stolen a copy of Return of The Dragon.

Check. And one person in jail for theft.

The bottle cap, she got dirty. Knee deep in mud, finding an old cap from the now closed Peppy Cola.

And the next was a fish; cleaned her muddy body, but was a show. The thing died after repeated beatings...on Clem.

Finally the hardest one of all...a good JB song.

"Geez, who listens to my world???" Clementine gritted her teeth. She checked the next few songs with no luck. Until...


"Finally!!! Elise!!! I'M COMING!!!!!!! FRIENDS!!!!!" She ran, at blazing speeds similar to Road Runner.

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