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Summary: Barbara Folklord is my name, Umbrella is my game......... Sigh, when it is ever going to rain?

Barbara Folklord

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Gender: Female

Age: 12 (Looks 19)

Group: Fairy Tail

Magic (Be Creative - Go Wild)

Umbrella Magic

Able to fly, hide, shield, attack with magic by enchanting caster's umbrella, using its basic designs and connecting cultural folklore to draw out different magic of different functions.

Any Favorite Item / Weapon


Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long Term: I want to sing in the rain... but no matter where I go, there's always a drought. Sigh.

Short Term: Collect as many fancy umbrellas in the world.

Favorite Food

Neapolitan Ice Cream

What do you hope to find in this game?

"Nothing really. I'm just bored and starving for an adventure. Good, bad, put me in any role and I'll get the job done. Tee-hee."


Light on her Feet
Calm and Casual

Flaws (2 per strength)

When Angered, not easy to calm down
Obsessed about Umbrella
If loses umbrella, she becomes vulnerable (mental breakdown)
Likes to boss interns around

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Image of Barbara Folklord
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