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Summary: Merry Christmas... Happy Birthday...

Nightmare Before

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Gender: ?????

Age: ?????

Group: Dark Channel (Dark Guild of 4)

Magic (Be Creative - Go Wild)

Lock, Shock, Barrel (Gun).

A form of Necromancy that controls dead objects, not people. Can gather items considered dead, either revert them back to their original state, and or take the dead object and double its properties to become indestructible. Involves taking dead branches and re-setting it's base properties to be able to cut like a sword or bludgeon like a mace.

Any Favorite Item / Weapon

Plant Ashes, Dead Branches, Dried Leaves

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long Term: To find the one critical body part to make her whole, a Heart.

Short Term: Find something to stop her skin itching

Favorite Food

Nothing, everything tastes like dirt to her.

What do you hope to find in this game?

"Ah. Ee. Uu. Eh. Oo."

(......... Wtf?)


Super Strength
Super Speed

Flaws (2 per strength)

Intelligence is -1
Random Personality
Not Human
Attention Span of a Gold Fish

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Image of Nightmare Before
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