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Summary: Potions are a girl's best friend, but the members of Fairytail are a very close second!

Nessa H. Barren

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Fairy Tail

Magic (Be Creative - Go Wild)

Potion Making:
Proficiency Level- Extremely Skilled
The magical ability to combine ingredients and install them with magical energy. Different raw materials and techniques can produce a wide range of effects from enhanced strength to incredible elasticity. The more complex a potion and it's ingredients, the more stamina is expended.

Infinite Digestive System:
Proficiency Level- Poor
This magical ability allows the user to eat an unlimited amount of any substance without harm. When in use, magic is concentrated in the mouth and digestive system to create a sort of invincible lining. Masters in this magic can store items in their stomachs to be used at a later time. (Ew...)

Any Favorite Item / Weapon

Her trusty golden ladle!

((Moon-Eye: L-le gasp! G-Galaxy!? G-Galaxy123, is that you?....KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!))

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Short Term Goals-
- Meet new people
- Explore

Long Term Goals-
- Become a stronger magic user
- Help her allies
- Make the world's best cup of hot chocolate

Favorite Food

Onion Soup

What do you hope to find in this game?

A return to a warm and skilled community of role-players.

Hello Fairytail crew! Remember me?
I know that you do not recognize this form, but tis' I, Galaxy123.
It's me I swear, test me if you want!
I was forced to create a new account as I was having difficulties with the previous one. I hope to join into this new chapter of Fairytail Zero.
Hopefully I will be able to bring with me more finesse and writing experience into this reboot than ever.
That is if you'll have me.



Nessa is a simple-minded girl with an immense kindness for others. She is a persistent person and an excellent cook to boot.

((Moon-Eye: And your art has evolved spectacularly! Great job!))

Flaws (2 per strength)

Nessa struggles in situations that require physical effort as her body is physically frail. That fact coupled with her low pain tolerance makes her an absolute wimp in close quarter combat.
She is easily fooled by the most obvious of tricks, and is often seen being picked on or outsmarted because of this.
Nessa is continually self-critical, causing her to overthink her every action and assume herself guilty when things go awry.
Her persistance, while being one of her admirable qualities, can lead her to go too far into situations and lose sight of everything else.
Nessa is not the stealthiest of mages, as she always finds herself causing a ruckus wherever she goes.

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Image of Nessa H. Barren
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