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Summary: Succ Succ

Esthe Thinzash

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Fairy Tail

Magic (Be Creative - Go Wild)

Blood Dragon Slayer Magic
Minor Art Magic (Can make little doodles)
Requip (Changing clothes)

(I'm really lazy to go into details x.x)

== (Moon-OOC: That's okay, hang in there TvT)

Any Favorite Item / Weapon

With the Blood Manipulation she is able to create weapons by solidify the blood into a weapon.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long Terms: To be happy with herself and to actually have a family of her own.

== ((Moon-Eye_OOC: (O///O)...Who? There's a Dragon Slayer in the guild, he's available... if you ignore two yanderes and a drum can pursuing him))

Short Terms: To travel around Earthland.

Favorite Food

Everything. But if it's gross. Then It's gross.

What do you hope to find in this game?

Fun... (Women)

=== ((Moon-Eye_OOC: You're second request has been granted (^///^)))


Enhance her body parts (Like strong punches, kicks, and jumps.)
Consumes Blood
Resistance to most Magic
Immunity to Blood Magic

Flaws (2 per strength)

Overexerting herself it will cause a vein to blow up inside her.
Cause damage to organs
Cannot consume of a higher caliber
Cannot consume the blood of the dead

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Image of Esthe Thinzash
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