Image of Alistair Hekt

Summary: The Sun God will have his desires accomplished.

Alistair Hekt

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Dragon's Heart (Dark Guild)

Magic (Be Creative - Go Wild)

Solar God Slayer Magic:

(will add later)

Beginner Mirror Magic:
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Any Favorite Item / Weapon

Godr(good spelling) Talisman:

Artifact found by ancient legends that seemed to disappear at night and appear at dawn. Provides no real advantage, but it is said who holds it without it disappearing is the god of the sun's "chosen one". This talisman will, however, show Alistair who is worthy in the eyes of Helios to survive the purging.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long Term: To accomplish the purging desire of all infidel magic users of Helios, the sun deity, who chose Alistair to do so, thanks to the talisman given to him.

Short Term: To find others with a high raw amount of power to help him during his quest.

Favorite Food

Any hot food will suffice Alistair, although he has quite a preference for lamb meat.

What do you hope to find in this game?

The will of Helios must be accomplished at all costs.


Unforgiving, once his talisman shows him the path, nothing can stop him.

Flaws (2 per strength)

Impatient, he doesn't like wasting time

Not open minded, Alistair doesn't like others showing ideologies opposite of his.

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