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Posted by : on Nov 5, 2018, 3:56pm

Vision: To become a Wizard to build the history of the Fairy Tail Mage Guild.

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You are a Mage of the magical country called Fiore. You arrive in the city called Magnolia to join a Guild. So far, the new Mage Guild Fairy Tail has some openings.

A fantasy adventure, with laughter, comedy, bar-brawls, and job questing as a daily basis. Have at her.

Fairy Tail Guild is in a City Harbour style city called Magnolia. There is a major dock and shipyard, a busy street market, and has a booming business of all kinds. In real world, it would be on par to big time cities like Vancouver.

This is set in a time when Fairy Tail first started, many years ago. The First Guild Master is Mavis Vermillion. The Mages you create are the living history of that guild that leads to the original timeline. Also, Dragon Slayer Magic - green light.

Fighting and Tactical Wizards. Adopt a spell you desire, be creative, and fight against Bandits, Dark Mages, Assassins, and the bitter darkness with your magical might.

Hope this game will give all of you a smile on your faces.