The Snow Fairy (who does NOT use snow magic)

Ansette felt tired, dirty. She hurt all over…and not for good reasons.

Going back maybe a week, it wouldn't be difficult to see why Ansette felt the way she did. Ignoring the fact that she’s went on ahead to do an S Class mission on her own, it took days of trekking through mud and jungle in some far off corner of the nation to find the temple. Then it took another day to go through it, and that was even with her cheaty time-shortcut hacking. In it, she had to deal with traps, monsters, another rival guild, and stop the summoning of a demon...

And then the return trip was hampered by ANOTHER guild, more monsters, and some normal mountain bandits.

At least she had some treasure along with the cash reward for it. Maybe Mavis would like something from it...that’d make the entire trip more than worth it.

Quietly opening the doors to the guild, she gave a weak smile as she saw the regular antics of the other guild members before dragging herself in, her diamond ball in the simple sack along with the rest of the treasures she’d found. Finding a nice empty table, she gave herself a moment to collect herself before popping a small mirror.

“Ugh...there are twigs in my hair,” she grumbled, reaching up to pick at the offending branch fingers from her hair. Underneath her protective robes, she’d probably have quite a few bruises from the injuries she decided she could live with over the many fights. Perhaps she’d ask for more help from others next time. It’d probably pay less on her body’s pain if she had someone watching her back.

At least for now, she could look forward to a nice day back at the guild...

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