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At least they weren't fighting over Fal's physical body.

As he recovered from his motion sickness problems, Falaranion saw that the Pirate they'd picked up on their last mission and Olivia were back at it, fighting over Falaranion and.. his offspring? Oh boy. He held his hands up as he prepared to break up the fight when he heard a younger's voice beneath him.

"Geo! Thank goodness." Fal crouched down and slipped into Geo's tunnel, escaping the chaos above for the moment. "I need to sort this out soon... I just don't know what to say." The dragon slayer rubbed his face and sighed, shaking his head as he thought about trying to break it to the girls that he wasn't interested. In most of the scenarios he thought up in his head he ended up injured or in a destroyed guild hall.

"Not looking forward to that... But again, thank you Geo. I appreciate the escape route."
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